Trying to answer the popular question “Why 5G?”

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Forbes’ article “Why 5G Isn’t Just Faster 4G” by Simon Rockman, is an attempt to explain the true potentials of the new 5G network. The superiority of the 5G network to its precedent does not only lie on the fact that it is faster or that it has a lower latency, but on its transformational character and impact on our everyday life. The fifth generation of cellular technology is expected to change the marketing and media industry offering all new kinds of possibilities.

Forbes selects Mativision and the tough demands that our immersive applications present to existing networking infrastructures, as one of the use cases that justifies the development of 5G technology. Mativision has a range of proprietary 360° and VR technologies, and has been testing the new network’s performance on its 5G enabled platform that allows to stream 4K and 360° content for synchronous play to multiple users in the same area.

You can read the whole article here.