Welcome to Mativision’s TRIBE 80 demonstration.


Immersive Technologies, VR, AR and Interactive Video, offer unique capabilities to remotely support a Product’s Lifecycle.


Providing such tools to Corporate & Industry Sectors, enabling them to manage their Business Sales, Staff & Users remotely and sufficiently, without the restrictions of physical presence, is the next ‘big thing’ for efficient business management.


Ever more so during the current global circumstances and the imposed reduction in corporate expenses.


Mativision, a leader in immersive applications, develop bespoke VR, AR & Interactive Video applications to enable remote working and collaboration to a wide range of industrial fields.


To showcase some of these potential uses, we devised an example product (TRIBE 80) and built some typical use-case scenarios to showcase the benefits of immersive applications.


With powerful 6 DOF Technology, the user’s free movement ability enables unique immersive interactive applications.

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Short Presentation Video


Easy-to-use and portable to demonstrate applications supporting a product’s lifecycle.

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Informative and engaging videos, inviting the user to interact with course content or promotional materials.

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TRIBE 80 is an example product. All references to features, technical specifications and processes are for presentation purposes only. The examples given are solely for the purpose of demonstrating the use of immersive technologies in different use-case scenarios.


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