Mativision’s Project LIME

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During the first half of 2019, Mativision completed Project LIME, funded by the Audience of the Future-Design Foundations programme (Innovate UK).


Project LIME is a feasibility study which enabled Mativision to research next- generation immersive experiences from live music and live performances, and the ways such immersive experiences can be distributed and viewed by the target audiences live (at the time of the event) but remotely, away from the event.


Aiming to define new innovative modes of immersive content production and distribution which will transform the audience experience of watching a live performance remotely, the project drew from the company’s more than a decade of experience in the field and focused on defining the target audience, studying and understanding their perceptions and behaviours and delivering vital insight into audience expectations from live-music-based immersive experiences that will capture and excite.


Project LIME and its findings are featured as a successful case study in the February 2021 the Audience of the Future newsletter and the Audience of the Future website.

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