On December 2017 and February 2018 Mativision®™ live streamed a Piano Duo concert from the KASKENMÄKI home concerts of Pauli Kari & Maria Männikkö, captured with two synched 360-cameras to cancer patients hospitalized in the Turku University Hospital. The piano duo live stream was delivered using augmented reality headsets, which virtually-placed the two pianists in the hospital ward. The patients had the experience of the two pianists performing in the same room as them. The concert helped alleviate stress and pain for 45 soothing minutes and brought a smile to the patients faces. Uniquely for this project, Mativision®™ adapted its proprietary Mativision®™ VR-player to work with AR glasses providing a mixed reality experience as patients needed to have visual contact with the real world to help maintain comfort, something crucial especially with older patients not familiar with VR.