On the 25th of October 2015, Mativision®™ once again made history by successfully completing the first ever live, directed, interactive VR 360-degree video show at MTV’s EMAs.
Transmitting globally from the Mediolanun Forum in Milan/Italy, the Mativision®™ crew demonstrated the future of live shows by combining live show-direction, 360-degree video interactivity and Virtual Reality seamlessly combined into one unique experience.
Viewers worldwide, using just their smartphones, the EMA’s App and a simple cardboard VR-headset, had the opportunity to immerse themselves right in the middle of the exciting and spectacular show.
The Virtual Event started with a live coverage from the Red Carpet and continued with the full show itself.
In typical Mativision®™ fashion, multiple spherical cameras were positioned just on the edge of the stage, giving unique, front row perspectives to viewers. During the show, a Director selected the most interesting vantage points, in the same way a director selects conventional cameras during a live broadcast. Viewers then had the freedom to look anywhere they liked, simply by turning their head around, as they would have done, were they in the venue itself.