Mativision in 5G VICTORI Consortium

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At the first Technical Meeting of the 5G-VICTORI consortium hosted by the University of Bristol this week, Mativision was represented by our CEO, Anthony Karydis. With Immersive Media widely recognised as a key factor in the successful adoption of the emerging 5G by the consumers, Mativision who participates as a partner in this trans-European project is contributing its experience and expertise in this field.
5G-VICTORI is funded with around 13.5 Mio EUR by the EU program Horizon 2020. It is part of the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP), the joint initiative of the European information and communications industry.
5G-VICTORI will conduct large scale trials for advanced vertical use case verification focusing on Transportation, Energy, Media and Factories of the Future and cross-vertical use cases. It leverages 5G network technologies developed in 5G-PPP Phase-1 and Phase-2 projects 5G-XHaul and 5G-PICTURE and exploits extensively existing facilities interconnecting main sites of all ICT-17 infrastructures i.e. 5G-VINNI, 5GENESIS and 5G-EVE and the 5G UK test-bed in a Pan-European Infrastructure. 
5G-VICTORI brings together many partners who already have extensive expertise in developing and deploying 5G-technology. The kick-off of the 5G Victori consortium took place in Berlin on July 2019.