INITIATE Virtual Workshop

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Mativision will participate in the first virtual INITIATE workshop hosted by Digital Catapult, presenting its contribution in the INITIATE project.

As part of the INITIATE Project, we wanted to capture stereoscopic 360-degree content of 8K image quality in Bristol, and distribute it live over the specialist 5G infrastructure of the project to London’s headquarters of Digital Catapult, offering  a real time highly realistic synchronized immersive experience to a group of participants in this location.


On the 20th of May the INITIATE workshop, which due to the COVID19 restrictions will be staged as a totally virtual one, will emphasise how technology companies can collaborate with the specialist INITIATE distributed testbed.


During this exciting Virtual Event, Mativision will present its involvement in one of the use cases of INITIATE project, and share the learnings of the experience.


Join us, register here.