Escape VR®™

EscapeVR®™, is Mativision’s turn-key experiential solution for stress relief, relaxation and meditation through VR.

HR – Employee Stress Management in the Workplace

Extremely high challenges in the workplace today, impose a clear need for providing employees with easy-to-access stress relief options.

Medical – Hospitals

Patients are the most eligible audience for stress relief options. Both one-day clinic patients and hospitalised patients need extra focus on their mental health and reduction of stress, apart from improving overall quality life, is a significant success factor for their treatment.


5-Star Hospitality and Business Hotels

Private amenities for relaxation and stress relief are now a “must have” for high-quality Hospitality. Stress relief and relaxation options included as standard amenities in a hotel suite, will certainly meet the standards of high-profile guests and will constitute an ideal complement to existing hotel relaxation facilities.

Stress relief or relaxation process is a personalized situation which demands focus on the present moment without any external distractions. This is exactly what EscapeVR®™ offers.

First, you are being instantly isolated from your stressful physical environment by putting on the EscapeVR®™ VR headset. Then,  you choose the type of relaxation you prefer, among:

In all the above categories the users are fully immersed in an experiential virtual environment thanks to our very-high quality 360-degree videos, where they can choose the type of the stress-free interactions they wish every time.

The types of relaxation categories and interactions of EscapeVR®™ can vary based on the ages of different targeted groups.