Mativision delivers turnkey Metaverse business solutions & immersive experiences to global customers & audiences since 2012

We leverage the latest VR & AR technologies to deliver top-of-class Metaverse solutions.

We design, develop and distribute XR experiences that suit the needs of Businesses in multiple sectors.

Business workforce is the area which benefits the most by the experiential capabilities of the Metaverse.

Our Metaverse solutions are the natural evolution of workforce empowerment in Businesses, offering immersive experiences and direct interaction with information and knowledge.

At Mativision we design Metaverse Business identities

We design, develop & implement bespoke applications to fit each Business working environment.

Our Immersive Sales Tools are

  • Innovative
  • Interactive
  • Experiential

We apply our wide experience in the development of ground-breaking Immersive HR applications for

  • Immersive Onboarding
  • Immersive Induction
  • Immersive Health and Safety

With our substantial know-how in Experiential & Interactive Training we deliver bespoke applications for

  • Behavioral procedures
  • Products use & characteristics
  • Hands on training
  • Interactive assessment tests

We offer field-proven immersive Wellbeing

  • Immersive relaxation, stress relief and anxiety management
  • Full body-scan meditation in Metaverse environments
  • EscapeVR® Turn-Key VR solution, field-tested and proven in multiple installations

Mativision, your valued XR partner.