Mativision are immersive content technology specialists, having live-streamed major events to global audiences of millions. We are valued partners with the UK Government and EU on R&D innovation projects, using VLIPP, our proprietary content platform to demonstrate emerging 5G network capabilities. 

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We deliver the most demanding 360 VR Live Streaming Projects for global Brands since 2008

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We offer bespoke VR platforms for synchronised VR working & learning B2B solutions and B2C experiential products


VLIPP® is our fully developed and tested VR content delivery platform, offering global access and the capacity to serve unlimited number of users, readily adaptable to serve any market sector.


VLIPPmed®, launched in July 2016 was the first global VR-content distribution platform specifically focusing on medical training and education. The platform has now surpassed 100,000 installations worldwide and is free to download for iOS (Apple), Android and Samsung GearVR.


VLIPPclass® is an immersive content delivery platform, which allows the interactive viewing of VR-Content as an immersive experience by groups of people in a specific location or dispersed all over the world, with program flow controlled by one person while each of the participants retains full individual interactive control of their viewing experience. Applications range from industrial & corporate training to improving the quality of life of residents in care homes.


We are valued partners in major R&D Projects in front line tech (5G, Immersive Media) for the UK Government and the EU (H2020).


5G  FESTIVAL – A world first 5G powered, digital immersive hybrid festival experience (5G Testbeds and Trials, 5G Create)


The 5G Festival, part of the wider £200 million 5G testbeds and trials programme (5GTT) funded by the UK Government, is a project that looks to explore 5G technology’s ability to provide an alternative virtual festival environment and to seek the commercial benefits of new 5G powered experiences. The 5G Festival is a natural evolution for Mativision®™, as it gives us the opportunity to develop and deliver a game-changing 5G-enabled platform which will offer to artists capabilities to create and produce music without the limitation of their location and deliver to audiences new, uniquely engaging ways to experience and interact with live performances. The 5G Festival project started in September 2020 and will run until March 2022.

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5G – ENCODE (ENabling COnnectivity for Digital Engineering)


The 5G-ENCODE is a £9m 5G Manufacturing Project in the UK that will investigate key industrial 5G use cases, aiming to assess how to improve productivity and effectiveness of composite design and manufacture. It is one of 9 Projects funded by DCMS in what is the UK government’s biggest investment in 5G for manufacturing to date. Mativision®™ will aim to improve training and maintenance in composite manufacture using interactive augmented reality (AR). The 5G-ENCODE project started in February 2020 and will run until March 2022.


5G-VICTORI – (ICT-19-2019, Advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries)


5G-VICTORI is a Europe-wide project which will use 5G infrastructures in France (FR), Patras (GR), Berlin (DE) and the 5G city testbed in Bristol (UK), to deliver a number of services to different vertical industries. Mativision®™ will contribute in assessing the potential for immersive media delivery in cities and stations. The 5G-VICTORI consortium brings together 25 major European players including operators in the telecom and Rail arena, world leading research and academic institutes and high-technology SMEs. This is a 36-month project starting in June 2019.


WECA 5G Smart Tourism – 5G Testbeds and Trials, phase 1 (5GST) Programme


This 5G-centred project, is one of the 5 on-going 5G Testbed projects funded by DCMS. Mativision®™ is responsible for one of the Use Cases, aiming to assess and confirm the improvements brought forth by utilising 5G networking in a range of real-life applications. Mativision®™’s Use Case involves Streaming 4K 360° content for synchronous play, and it will aim to assess how Mativision®™’s technology for synchronised delivery of VR-Content to groups of viewers performs in a 5G networking environment, especially in view of the limitations which Mativision®™ has found in real-life commercial situations, when using existing Wi-Fi and mobile infrastructures. The project was completed successfully and has been extended to September 2019.


LIME – Live Music Experiences, Audience of the Future: Design Foundations (#18678)


Producing and delivering Live Music and Live events as immersive experiences, is still following the TV-Broadcast paradigm. Project LIME is a feasibility study which enabled Mativision®™ to research next-generation immersive experiences from live music and live performances and the ways such immersive experiences can be distributed and viewed by the target audiences live (at the time of the event) but remotely, away from the event. Mativision®™ aims to transform the audience experience of watching a live performance remotely. The project was completed successfully in March 2019.


OySTeR-VR, Digital health technology catalyst 2017 round 1 (#133381)


In this project funded by InnovateUK, Mativision®™ was the Leading Partner, working with the Manchester University Hospitals Fund Trust (MFT) as their partner. The purpose of this project was to enable the design and evaluation of one VR-based training module (consisting of a minimum of five operations captured and produced as VR Immersive Experiences) which would be the starting point of a comprehensive VR -content library for orthopaedic surgery training. The project was completed successfully in July 2018.


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