The ultimate immersive experience
Some events...
you can't just watch, you have to "live",
like, be there...
But what if you can't
be there?
That's what Mativision does: For those special events, it will make
you feel as close as possible to being there.
Mativision will put you on stage and with our synchronised multi-camera feature, you are not pinned down to one place:
We will let you wander around to several different positions, all while the song is playing!
You will stand right next to the cool guitarist to check-out his "chops..."
...then will jump next to the drummer or keyboard player, or bass player, then stand next to the singer while he gets the crowd to their feet.
With our roaming technology, you can walk in the middle of the crowd itself, before you go back to watch the gig from the front of stage.
All this with a simple "tap" with your finger or a "click" of your mouse!
We will even let you control the flow of a story,
using our multi-path storytelling feature.
"We will strap you on the passenger seat
of super-fast racing cars,
or put you right at the curb of circuit
and off-road races…”
"you will join awesome biker rides
from the rider’s perspective…"
"We will put you in the middle of parades,
will guide you and let you stroll
through historic monuments and
touristic hot-spots, just like being there."
And if you put your VR goggles
using just your smartphone,
you will experience top-of-class Virtual Reality now,
not next year, not the year after...
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